Started only a couple years ago, Back2Garden (B2G) creates and curates landscape elements and furnishings. B2G has excelled greatly in the commercial landscaping field and continues to grow and expand as an independent but affiliated company for both SQLA and Landist Group. Some of the most popular furnishing has been the custom fountains and fireplaces. B2G planters, particularly the Dividum, can be found in an array of sizing options. This makes it a favorite for SQLA design plans. The charismatic Squaro planter, physically cited as having a fun “marshmellow” shape, best showcases the light hearted and modern tone of B2G products. Initially only operating in the commercial space, B2G is currently expanding itself to the retail market with the same energy and promise. Below are some of B2G’s most popular items. Custom designs are available for certain projects upon request. Those with serious inquiries for a custom item can submit a quote requote via the B2G Commercial website.

Site Furnishings

Panel Systems

Shade Structures

Planter Pots

Fire Pits

Water Feature