B2G (Back 2 Garden) brings SQLA design and inspiration to life in the form of site furnishings, planters, fountains and other fixtures that enhance a space. We bring a fresh perspective to designed environments with our collection and have thoughtfully tapped both international and domestic resources to develop partners who share our vision for dreaming big, while still providing competitive market-driven options.

Why we started: As part of the landscape design process, SQLA discovered a need for unique fixtures and one-of-a-kind architecture to complete the look of our projects. This need inspired us to create furnishings to complement our approach to creating happy, livable spaces. By partnering with international fabricators and leveraging our knowledge of design, we developed products that are not only beautiful, but also affordable. We started B2G in order to make the fixtures we use available to other design professionals.

Why we love designing furnishings: Planters, fire pits, water features, and sculptural elements are an integral part of converting a space into an inviting oasis. Sometimes an off-the-shelf item works perfectly, other times the design calls for something unique and inspired by the same muse that helped create the overall landscape design. This is where B2G comes in: Many of our items are created and used to enhance the spaces that brought about their inspiration.

Why we’re pushing the envelope: At B2G we design products, explore materials, tap into the latest manufacturing technologies, and partner with fabricators around the globe to create products that are not only affordable, but unique, inspired, and creative. As a design/build company, we understand the challenges of installation and value. With every product we introduce we maximize value without compromising on quality or aesthetics. We are constantly pushing the envelope to create quality pieces that match the beauty of our designs.

Why we’re more affordable: Our relationships with manufacturer worldwide and our experience in landscape design allow us to take advantage of the latest manufacturing technology, innovative materials, and economies of scale. We understand the value of an affordable design and we help solve problems of economy by also being on the build side.

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