LANDIST is part of the SQLA design/build team that brings our designs to reality and brings our vision to life. For almost two decades, LANDIST professional contractors have conquered the challenges of building in Southern California and ensured that the innovation and beauty of our landscape design comes to fruition.

Why design and build: In 2003 SQLA introduced LANDIST and created a design/build team to serve the vision created by SQLA designs. Having a designer involved in the build process helps contractors see beyond just the images on their screen and bring the intended passion and inspiration into existence. For almost two decades, our construction crews have enhanced spaces around Southern California and met construction site challenges with innovation, inspiration, and success.

Why being part of the build is important: Our designers approach each project as the art and craft of sculpting space. Many times, this means new ideas and innovative approaches that are uncommon in previous installations. In order to bring out the joy that’s imbued in the design of the space, contractors need to understand the design intent behind the drawings. In our projects, many decisions need to be made on the job to effectively translate the design to work with a myriad of shifting project and site conditions that come with construction process, to ultimately bring to fruition the intended beauty of the design.

Why we love bringing our designs to life: From the very beginning, LANDIST has treated the build as an R&D process. We learn as much from the experience of bringing a project to life as we do from anything else. Every project is different, and we respect our client and site conditions of every project by integrating the spirit of the design with the realities of the materials and the client and site criteria in which we are working.

Why experience matters: While every project is different and poses unique challenges, working with SQLA designs over the years allows for a seamless flow between the design and the build process. The sense of space, the creation of inspiring features and the use of raw materials of nature are the heart of SQLA designs and these require a builder that knows how to translate them into the installation. Building bespoke uniquely designed spaces that inspire, uplift, and lift our spirits is what LANDIST has set out to do from the beginning.

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721 N. Vista

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